Help Protect Public Lands - Where the Majority of Hot Springs are Located

No More Sales of Our Public Lands to Special Interests!

Help the Bush Administration Learn Its Lesson: Tell your Senator to support the Bingaman Amendment

Last Congress, corporate interests and their Congressional champions tried to legalize huge sales of our public lands to mining, oil and gas companies. They failed spectacularly. They were even voted down by the majority of fellow Republicans.

Unfortunately, the Bush Administration has not learned their lesson. Please help teach them. Send a letter to your Senator opposing the sell-off of public lands to special interests.

This year the Bush Administration proposes to sell off millions of dollars worth of our National Forests and other public lands under the guise of attempting to balance the federal budget. They are once again utilizing disinformation to dissuade the public from their true agenda.

Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) will be offering an amendment to the Budget Resolution TODAY (3/22) to stop the perverse calculations in the federal budgets that allow our federal lands to be sold to special interests. This amendment should stop the efforts by the Bush Administration to sell our public lands.

TAKE ACTION. Please urge your Senator to support Senator Bingaman's amendment to the Budget Resolution bill. Urge your Senator stop the inclusion of the sale of public lands in the calculations of balancing the budget.


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