Sweet Soak: Sugah Hot Spring, Idaho


General Description
An almost always perfect temperature soak located in the fringe of the Boise National Forest northeast of Cascade, Idaho. The sole rock mortared pool features a rock, sand and gravel bottom and a light coating of algae. This scenic soak is situated right next to the beautiful north fork of the Salmon River.

Seasonal Notes
Accessible all year - CAUTION - please note that the Warm Lake highway and FSR 474 N travel during winter will require a 4x4 and chains to get though safely. The roads are narrow, slick and almost always snow covered.

Camping Notes
There is plenty of Boise National Forest camping nearby: official and primitive - no camping at the springs.

02.04.07 Trip Report

The drive in? No problem. The drive out... YIKES! It was cold on the way in and warm on the way out; meaning the 3-4 inch thick ice sheets on the road got slick and slushy once the air temperature warmed up. Was it worth it? You bet. But, next time I think I'll wait until at least March before making a run at this soak. The drive out was just too scary. Add single track roads with oncoming traffic to the above equation and I think you'll understand my line of thinking.

The soak was stellar, and was actually the hottest I've ever experienced, clocking in consistently at 106 and 107. Garbage was moderate and usage seemed low.
Rating A


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