Shower Bath, Owen Cabin and Upper Loon Hot Springs Picture Additions

I was perusing through the archive and discovered a few pictures from the best backpacking trip I've ever been on which should have gone up a long time ago. The pictures are of Upper Loon, Owen Cabin and Shower Bath Hot Springs - all located within the boundaries of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in central Idaho.

Upper Loon Picture Hot Springs Additions:

My best friend, Brandon enjoying Crescent Moon

Brandon at Tin Cup Campground near the Trailhead

Owen Cabin Hot Springs Picture Additions:

Where the outflow meets Loon Creek

Heading down the trail to the historic Owen Family Cabin

Shower Bath Hot Springs Picture Additions:

Brandon navigating the Narrows

The Historic Warm Springs Ranger Cabin


onikarasu said...

nice photos man.If I think that is the place I think it is there are some of the most beautiful suprises you will see

The Logdog said...

The worst trip ever.
5th July 2005
You should note, which I did write you a year and half ago, that the trail from Loon Creek to Showerbath is not been maintained since the fire. There is nothing but charred tree trunks and the undergrowth came back with a vengence.
Starting in the morning from Owen's cabin, it took almost an hour to find the trailhead, and in 5 hours and 13 ticks later, I was lucky make two miles, turn around and make it out by dark.
Of course a pack train had moved in and took all the campsites at Owens and Loon
I tried again from the Challis side and did make it to Showerbath.
Only the second person that'd been there by the middle of August.
The pools were there, but only one was usable.
I went in to Owens again the next year with my daughter home from college, and it was a nice hike, watching salmon spawn and hopping over all the horse pies on the trail and the campsite.
I did find a Cougar which had killed in the fire and got a decent picture of it's skull.
Which I posted on my website,

Owens and Loon, Good
Showerbath, Bad

The Logdog :C)

Clarice said...

how far is the hike into Showerbath from Tin Cup??

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