Boise Mayor Bieter to Fight the Good Fight

Remember that cyanide leech mine proposed on the Boise River near Atlanta Idaho? Unfortunately, the mine is still a reality. However, today Boise Mayor Bieter announced his opposition to the gold mine.

Announce your opposition - send an electronic message right now!

That's right, cyanide - Atlanta Gold, the name of the Canadian mining company, has plans to build an open-pit cyanide heap-leach gold mine in THE HEADWATERS OF THE BOISE RIVER!

This mine threatens the health of all who habitat and enjoy the river. Our fish, wildlife, public health, safety and drinking water are all at risk! Leach mining has been banned in all but 1 other state besides Idaho because of the resulting detrimental effects on the environment.

Protect the Boise River!

Chattanooga Hot Springs in Idaho near Atlanta


Chattanooga Hot Springs features one large and shallow hot waterfall-fed pool next to the Middle Fork of the Boise River near the quaint mining town of Atlanta, Idaho. Depending on how strong spring runoff is or was, the pool may be submerged in the river. The key to a stellar soak? Come late season.

The locals have been known to bathe in the hot springs on occasion, and have been known to creep out those unfortunate enough to not be from Atlanta. If you don't want to raise eyebrows here's what to do: get a an old beat-up pickup truck, a gun rack and roll around in the mud. Empty beer cans and trash in the truck bed and a squint with a good stink-eye will get you extra points.

Parking may be tricky because the flat area above the hot springs is on private land. The last time I visited it was signed as "No Trespassing". I had to park near the access road and hike in. Although not personally experienced, I've heard plenty of rumors that Red Spider Mites are living large at C-town.

Seasonal Notes
The majority of roads into Atlanta close during winter save for one route which is sketchy, especially given the large amount of deaths that occur on this road during the summer months. Note: The Middle Fork Boise River Road is a rough one - this is one of my least favorite roads to drive on in Idaho due to the insane washboards. Just something to keep in mind. During the summer you can cut down on the drive time by taking one of the many FSRs off State HWY 21 to the Middle Fork Road.

Camping Notes
Plenty of nearby National Forest campgrounds and primitive sites to choose from. Just around the bend from Chattanooga are free developed sites at Powerplant Campground. This might very well be one of the last campgrounds in Idaho that remains free despite having water, tables and an outhouse.

09.17.06 Trip Report

Chattanooga reminded me of a bit larger version of the late-90s, around the bend pool at Pine Flats near Lowman. Let me elaborate. The hot waterfall feeding the pool continuously emits a steady stream of steam as the hot water is cooled by the air and rock on the way down to the pool below. Luckily, the shallow pool is fairly large, providing for complete submersion of the body. The views of the Middle Fork of the Boise River right next to the pool are awesome. This place is seasonally popular, the rest of the time its under water. What more can I say but to watch the video and look at the pics... I think you'll side with me - this was one sweet soak.
Rating A

Idaho Hot Springs GPS Coordinates

Ta-da! I have finally rolled out an Idaho Hot Springs GPS Coordinate Listing, which features:
  • USGS GPS coordinate listing for all springs hot and warm in Idaho - remember to use this as a GUIDE only! I will be merging my personal GPS coordinates into this page soon, and will clearly denote the verified coordinates.
  • Linked topo maps
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In addition to the GPS coordinate listing, the links area now features inline site previews. As you mouse-over links to other websites a preview of the site will load without actually taking you to the website. Give it a spin!

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Dunanda Falls Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park


General Description
Several pools along Boundary Creek lurk near the base of Dunanda Falls. The trailhead is at Cave Falls; if you don't have a snowmobile it's an additional 14 miles from where they stop plowing the road and approximately 10 mile cross country ski trip to the base of the falls. I've never been here during the summer, but have been told it is a mosquito infested swamp until late July as well as a favorite hangout for bears. Plenty of reasons to go in the winter/spring.

Since most of the water in Boundary Creek in March comes from thermal features the creek itself runs about 60 degrees.

Camping Notes
You'll need to get a permit to camp, but during the winter at least they have always me fax in the application, then they fax me back the permit. There is a campsite on the east ridge above the falls but it's a wicked climb down to the falls. During the winter the Park Service does not force you to camp in their designated campsites. Once snow is gone you'll have to camp on ridge above the falls. Since always go in the winter I've always camped in the canyon below the falls. With 4-6' of snow you can just make yourself a flat spot within 100 yards of the hot springs.

03.19.06 - 03.22.06 Trip Report
It's a long hard day to get to Dunanda Falls. It was dusk by the time we got to the base of the falls. Within 10 minutes of getting the tents setup my sons were in their tents. First thing in the morning we walked the 100 yards to the hot pools. The main pool on the east side of the creek is big enough for the 5 of us but after a couple of hours Ian and I headed across the creek to a pool below a huge boulder. As we soaked Ian asked me "Dad, do you think this is what heaven is like?". Other than a few bottle caps it looked as though we were the first ones to wander up this canyon.

Pictures, general description, camping and briefing courtesy of:

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Sweet Soak: Sugah Hot Spring, Idaho


General Description
An almost always perfect temperature soak located in the fringe of the Boise National Forest northeast of Cascade, Idaho. The sole rock mortared pool features a rock, sand and gravel bottom and a light coating of algae. This scenic soak is situated right next to the beautiful north fork of the Salmon River.

Seasonal Notes
Accessible all year - CAUTION - please note that the Warm Lake highway and FSR 474 N travel during winter will require a 4x4 and chains to get though safely. The roads are narrow, slick and almost always snow covered.

Camping Notes
There is plenty of Boise National Forest camping nearby: official and primitive - no camping at the springs.

02.04.07 Trip Report

The drive in? No problem. The drive out... YIKES! It was cold on the way in and warm on the way out; meaning the 3-4 inch thick ice sheets on the road got slick and slushy once the air temperature warmed up. Was it worth it? You bet. But, next time I think I'll wait until at least March before making a run at this soak. The drive out was just too scary. Add single track roads with oncoming traffic to the above equation and I think you'll understand my line of thinking.

The soak was stellar, and was actually the hottest I've ever experienced, clocking in consistently at 106 and 107. Garbage was moderate and usage seemed low.
Rating A

Sugah Hot Springs in Idaho Video Clip

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View pictures, trip reports and more of Sugah/Mile-16 Hot Springs in Idaho

More Profits = Less Responsiability for ExxonMobil

"February 1, 2007 — ExxonMobil, the world’s largest private oil company, reported its 2006 profits today of $39.5 billion – breaking its own world record from 2005 of $36.1 billion as the most profits ever made by a company in a single year. ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson is poised to pump most of that money right back into polluting oil and gas projects, lobbying against solutions to global warming, and funding front groups and junk science." (Source)

Record breaking profits and a do nothing attitude about global warming even in spite of ten corporate giants including Duke Energy, GE, Alcoa, PG&E and oil giant BP announcing their broad support for mandatory reductions of global warming pollution. I've blogged about the evil doings of ExxonMobile before, and I will continue to do so until significant change has been achieved.

The only thing Exxon has done in regard to global warming is spend money on advertising and junk science campaigns that go against it! Read more...

Send a Message to ExxonMobil!

Using a whiteboard or white piece of paper and BIG letters, write a personal message to Rex then take a picture using your digital camera or cell phone camera. Tell Rex how Exxon could use its profits to help to solve global warming!

Shower Bath, Owen Cabin and Upper Loon Hot Springs Picture Additions

I was perusing through the archive and discovered a few pictures from the best backpacking trip I've ever been on which should have gone up a long time ago. The pictures are of Upper Loon, Owen Cabin and Shower Bath Hot Springs - all located within the boundaries of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in central Idaho.

Upper Loon Picture Hot Springs Additions:

My best friend, Brandon enjoying Crescent Moon

Brandon at Tin Cup Campground near the Trailhead

Owen Cabin Hot Springs Picture Additions:

Where the outflow meets Loon Creek

Heading down the trail to the historic Owen Family Cabin

Shower Bath Hot Springs Picture Additions:

Brandon navigating the Narrows

The Historic Warm Springs Ranger Cabin

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