More Atlanta Hot Water....

Next up, in regard to my catch-up effort, is the two undeveloped Atlanta Annex Hot Springs. Two good looking soaks in the midst other great developed (non-commercial) hot springs soaks.

Lots of potential, but right next to the road

Two hot springs with potential lie between three other excellent hot springs. Coupled with high visibility (right next to the road), hot springers are best off continuing past the annexed hot springs to one of the other nearby soaks.

09.16.06 Trip Report

There's potential here. But why? Especially with 3 other great hot springs nearby; Atlanta, Chattanooga and Powerplant. If you are on you way to either of the 3 you'll drive right past Atlanta Annex 1 and 2. Each has a large pool with enough hot water flowing for pool development, but again, why? Leave the two annexed soaks alone and head down the road to one or three great hot soaks.


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