Bonneville Bliss...


Bonneville Hot Springs, a .25 mile hike and accessible from the official campground of the same name is located just off highway 21 north of Lowman. Bonneville features user built rock pools with sand/silt bottoms and a private soak shack that houses a bathtub.

While the hot springs are accessible all year, the campground closes during winter - access via snowshoes or skies. This increases the length of the hike from .25 miles to approximately 1 mile. The campground usually opens mid to late April, and on occasion early May (depending on snow levels).

Bonneville is an actual National Forest Campground, the hot springs are a short hike north of the camping area. Other NF camping sites/areas are also available nearby.

01.15.07 Trip Report

I had to break the chain; the last 2 times I've been here were both in April. No more. January proved to be the perfect time visit Bonneville Hot Springs. We could have snow shoed or cross country skied into the hot springs, but boots were our selected mode of transportation. Luckily there's almost always a well-packed trail. In the past, the entrance to the campground was plowed just enough for a couple vehicles to park. This time the only place to park was at the Warm Springs Trailhead parking area shortly before the Bonneville campground entrance, which is also an alternative route to the hot springs.


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