New Winter Hot Springs Access Methodology?

Ktrak - Ride your bike to snowbound soaks...

Many hot springs during the winter have only 3 access options (if any): snowmobile, cross-country ski and snowshoe. Am I going to have to add Ktrak to that list?

Seeking Banks-Loman Bounty: Pine Flats Hot Springs in Idaho Video


Video 1 (of 2): Round-the-bend pool and Payette River

Pine Flats Hot Springs is located in the Boise National Forest, and is a short hike from the campground of the same name near Lowman, Idaho.

Video 2 (of 2): Unique ice formations on the hot springs source

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Bronco Billy (Hot Spring) in Idaho Rides Again

After years of speculation about more than ample hot water flow, someone has finally snuck a soak underneath the source of Bronco Billy Hot Spring. Here's the video of the secret soak (trip report w/ pics to follow):

Bronco Billy Hot Spring is located on a slip of BLM land amongst the Boise National Forest just off the Bank-Lowman Highway between Banks and Garden Valley, Idaho.

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