Soak the Vote

Even though Idaho remains as the most Republican state, America has decided to give the Democrats a turn in the hot seat. There were a few close races here in Idaho, enough to stir things up last night. I was glad to find out that Prop 2 went down in flames; I'm always amazed when covert agenda stuff makes it to a vote.

I used to get extremely frustrated with Idaho Republicans. Here we are, with the majority of us living in this beautiful state because of the outdoors for some reason or another. Yet, even when obvious legislation is enacted that goes directly against our public lands, roadless forests, wildlife and personal health (water quality) the Republican Red rages on. What could be more obvious than the land grab, revoking the roadless rule, attacking the Endangered Species Act, etc...

I just couldn't wrap my mind around why. I finally came to a realization after talking with many of my acquaintances - it all comes down to education. Given the chance and the proper vessel of education, most that live here because of the outdoors make a decision based upon relevant information. That's how I do it. There's no Blue or Red in my mind, just an ideal of environmental stewardship. And, right now, Blue (Democrats) are far better stewards of the environment.

Well, enough of that. Now get out there and go find yourself a hot soak!


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