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Don't Let Them Fool You

If Prop 2 goes through, Idaho property taxpayers could be forced to pay millions to opportunists and special interests (did you get that?!) in order to protect their property, the environment and wildlife. So, if big business wants to move in next door or into the forest we would have to pay them to stop!

Under Proposition 2 no recourse can be taken if, for example, someone wants to locate a junkyard or gravel pit next to your home, because either property taxes pay the person not to do it or the investment and value in the property declines.

The eminent domain section is included only to distract attention from the initiative’s real purpose - gutting local planning that protects our communities and property values and allowing opportunists to prey on Idaho property tax-payers.

Prop 2 takes planning for growth out of local hands and gives it to opportunists and special interest groups. Millionaires who don’t even live in Idaho should not be able to dictate what local government and Idaho property owners can and cannot do.

Who's behind Prop 2? You won't even believe it, click here to see for yourself!

Don't be fooled, vote for the environment, your property rights and against special interests - vote NO on Proposition 2!

Josh Webmaster

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Hot Springs Guy / Brother Hot Springs said...

Need to know where to vote in Idaho? Visit for the skinny.

Don't forget to vote pro-environment on Tuesday!

apryason said...

I have lots of hot spring video from Nevada and Idaho. I've edited a lot. Do you think there is any market for hot spring "art" dvd's ?

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