Geothermal Graceland at Granite Creek Hot Spring in Idaho


The right spot can be tricky to find

General Description
Seasonal riverside rock-walled, sandy/gravel/rock bottomed pools right next to the middle fork road. There may or may not be a pool ready depending on the time of your visit. The riverside pools feature a swirling mix of cold and hot water. Often, one might need to continuously stir the pool to maintain adequate soaking temperatures.

Excellent Boise River Views

Seasonal Notes
Submerged during spring runoff: best times to visit are late July through November. Majority of roads into Atlanta close during winter save for one route which is sketchy at best most winters especially given the large amount of deaths that occur on this road during the summer months.

Camping Notes
Plenty of nearby National Forest campgrounds and primitive sites to choose from.

Ample parking

09.17.06 Trip Report
Granite Creek Hot Spring was a welcome hot soak during the crisp fall morning. The previous night went into single digits early on, which made the hot spring feel that much better. We soaked briefly with a traveler from California on his way to Yellowstone, hitting as many hot springs along the way.
Rating B+

Overview of the pools


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