30 ft Hot Waterfall-Fed Brown Hot Spring in Idaho


General Description
There is a major river ford to reach Brown's Creek Hot Spring that should only be attempted during low-water conditions, which is usually sometime during the month of August. Once on the far side of the Middle Fork Boise River, soakers are treated to small, shallow, seasonal soaking pools, a hot waterfall shower and a secret shallow soaker nestled in a nook in the rocks (the only one out of view of the road).

Pool Condition
Hot waterfall (approx. 30ft tall) fed shallow pools (only above water late season around August) and hidden two-person rock and mortar pool on the far side of the Boise River.

Seasonal Notes
The majority of roads into the Atlanta area close during winter save for one route which is sketchy at best most winters especially given the large amount of accidents that occur on this road during the summer months. Note: The Middle Fork Boise River Road is a rough one - this is one of my least favorite roads to drive on in Idaho due to the insane washboards. Something to keep in mind. During the summer you can cut down on the drive time by taking on of the many FSR off State HWY 21 to the Middle Fork Road.

Camping Notes
Plenty of nearby National Forest campgrounds and primitive sites to choose from up and down the road.

09.19.06 Trip Report
What a nice little surprise Brown Hot Spring turned out to be. The river water, freezing, let me tell you. But the soaking, not too shabby. Had there been something a bit deeper I would have been stoked. The dual hot waterfall/showers definitely helped. The best time to visit Brown is late August. Swim during the day and soak at dusk and dawn.
Rating: B


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