Smith's Cabin Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited

General Description
Smith's Cabin hot springs 1, 2 and 3 all have potential, and are located on both sides of the Middle Fork of the Boise River near Troutdale Campground. The first one is located on the road-side of the river, while the second is on the other side of the river slightly upstream and the third about 100 yards upstream from the second and originates approx. 20 yards above the river (unlike the first two).

Smith's Cabin Hot Springs #2

Seasonal Notes
There are seasonal forest service road closures on the best access roads into this area. However, all-year access is available via the insanely wash boarded Middle Fork Boise River Road - one of the most irritating road I've EVER been on.

Camping Notes
There are 2 excellent primitive sites nearby along with the official Troutdale Campground as well as plenty of other official and primitive camping sites along the Middle Fork of the Boise River.

09.16.06 Trip Report
I found a couple somewhat suitable pools for soaking at the first source of three, but with so many other, sweeter, soaking opportunities nearby this one only warranted a short foot soak. Across the river, #2 and #3 were quite visible during this particularly brisk autumn day. No soaking pools could be found, so I continued up the road - I was in search of something a bit more accommodating to my tastes.
Rating: C-


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