Nada @ Ninemeyer

General Description
Rocky user built pools with sand and rock bottoms on the far side of the Boise River along the Middle Fork Road.

Wildlife Sighted: Deer, Elk & Fox

Seasonal Notes
Fording the river is only advised during low water (late season) conditions, usually late July to November. Majority of roads into Atlanta close during winter save for one route which is sketchy at best most winters especially given the large amount of deaths that occur on this road during the summer months.


Camping Notes
Plenty of nearby National Forest campgrounds and primitive sites to choose from.

09.16.06 Trip Report
A cold day meant that I wasn't fording the river. From my vantage point I could see some small, shallow soakers along the river's edge, just below the source. Looks pretty sweet, but the access window is small unless you like icy cold, late season river fords.
Rating: X


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