Layoff Loftus - Increase in Partying is too Problematic


Main Semi-Cave Pool

General Description
Loftus features two, sturdy user built rock pools (top pool reinforced with mortar) with sandy bottoms located along the Middle Fork of the Boise River Road.

Wildlife Sighted: Deer, Elk & Cougar

Seasonal Notes
Usable all year - note winter access via the only route open (usually) can be very dangerous. Check road conditions with the Forest Service before committing to a winter journey to this area.

Another look at the main pool

Camping Notes
There are a handful of campsites near the hot spring, not to mention plenty of nearby National Forest campgrounds and primitive sites. Expect wild partiers here - at times I've even encountered multiple kegs with groups of 20+ people. This hot springs has become a favorite party spot for young hunters and ATVers.

Lower Pool

09.16.06 Trip Report
I almost ran over a drunken hunter guy on approach to Loftus. After finally finding a spot amongst the myriad of partiers, I realized that there were at least 2 kegs present. The partiers were a combination of hunters and ATVers from Boise. It was around 10am and most everyone was wasted and there was trash everywhere. You can imagine how shocked I was to find the pool empty. I admit that I was a bit skeptical though, trying not to let my mind wander about what went on in the pool the night before. That thought alone was probably why my soak was short. Or, it could have been the cold looks from the inebriated, so called 'outdoor enthusiasts'.
Rating: D


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