Safe Soaking @ Slate Creek - No backpacking though...


After being turned-away from two attempted pack trips to Bear Valley Hot Springs and the Upper Loon Hot Springs due to wildfires, our troupe ended up at one of the only nearby areas not hampered by wildfire... Slate Creek.

The soaking and camping were excellent, and the hot springs featured a nifty valve addition to the plumbing, which allowed for precise control of the temperature of the incoming hot water.
Rating: A

Side Note
Our stay near the hot springs turned out great despite our preference to backpacking. I was really pulling for Bear Valley and Upper Loon. We encountered moderate amounts of traffic at Slate Creek, in fact, all were friendly soakers.

My only beef was with two hybrid bikers on Slate Creek road. These two idiots just sat on their bikes in the middle of the road upon approach. I originally thought they needed help but that wasn't the case. Just as I stopped they moved out of the road, I asked if they needed any help and they just stared at me. Real smart, and to top it off they were just above a ridge in the road - southbound travelers won't have much of a chance to stop once the ridge is crested.


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