Lunch @ Lunchbreak Warm Springs in Idaho


General Description
A medium sized, lukewarm (not hot) soak on the wrong side of the Salmon River. Lunchbreak features a single pool with rock walls and a sandy / silty bottom which is also the source where warm water percolates up from.

Seasonal Notes
Pool buried under spring runoff. Access road closure during winter.

Camping Notes
Plenty of nearby National Forest primitive sites to choose from along the forest road, and many primitive and official campgrounds along highway 75. There are large, flat sites on the bench above the pool complete with pit toilets.

Trip Report
Not bad for a warm spring on a hot summer day. However, in this area, hot summer days are few and far between and can often mean 70 degrees to the locals. Lunchbreak is near Slate Creek Hot Springs, at the end of a bumpy, single-track road opposite the hwy 75 side of the Salmon river. It's called Lunchbreak because of the pit toilets, picnic tables and sandy beach... add a warm spring and you've got a favorite stop for floaters of all types. I really liked the sandy beach, and the pool felt great in the heat, but the constant traffic on the hwy and river was a little too distracting from the beautiful surroundings.
Rating: B-


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