Idaho Hot Springs Fire Access Update

There are currently many fires raging in Idaho that are effecting access to hot springs.

The South Fork Complex Fire in the Payette National Forest has closed down the South Fork Salmon River road which grants access to Yellow Pine and the Mule Hill Trailhead to Kwis Kwis. This road closure will also bar access to Johnson Creek (AKA Hubcap) Warm Spring near Yellow Pine.

Note: The Warm Lake Highway is also closed, barring access to Trail Creek, Mile-16, all of the Mollys, Vulcan, Buckhorn and all of the other hot springs in the region.

View the South Fork Complex Fire Blog for updates.

The Rattlesnake Complex Fire has closed the Forest Service Road north of Crouch and Garden Valley, barring access to the following hot springs (which may be on fire):

Rocky Canyon, Fire Crew, Boiling Springs, Silver Creek Plunge, Bull Rack, Bull Creek, Pine Burl, Moondipper, Groundhog and Butterfly

The fires are really hitting the hot springs hard this season, with fires raging in almost every area with high concentrations of hot springs in Idaho.

Visit the National Interagency Fire Center for fire updates.

Expansion of the Boundary Fire has led to the closure of the trail to Bear Valley hot springs at the trailhead. Note, you can still drive down the forest road to the Blue Bunch Pack Bridge and even camp at Fir Creek campground, but all of the trails leading into the Frank from this area are closed and have been since Aug. 9th.

I tried to make a run for the Upper Loon hot springs but hit road closures at Sunbeam for the same reason and was advised that just about every FSR road was closed around the Stanley and Challis areas due to the Potato and Trail Creek Fires.

View the Boundary Complex Fire Blog for updates.

View the Potato and Trail Creek Fires Blog for updates.

The Middle Fork Complex Fire is currently threatening the Loon Creek Guard Station, Diamond D Ranch, Lost Packer Mine site and Castro Historic Site.

View the Middle Fork Complex Fire Blog for updates.

The above fire information is also viewable in the hot springs forums. If you have any fire information related to hot springs please feel empowered to post it in the forums.


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