Mother Nature Giving Mile-16 Hot Spring a Break


Mother nature is finally giving Mile-16 hot spring a much deserved break. I've been to this hot spring many times, and this is the first time I've seen it underwater. It looked like there were several unsuccessful attempts at elevating the pool walls by use of sandbags in an effort to avoid the rampant spring runoff. I only hope that the thin mortar-reinforced walls are able to withstand the might of the river. One big stick is all it would take.

Unfortunately, the absence of a soak hasn't deterred trash mongers. There was more trash here than I was prepared to deal with, complete with a nasty diaper. What is wrong with some people? Please don't leave the city or your locality if you don't know how to pick up after yourself. Jeeze. What worries me more is the thought of those same people breeding. Thank you all that do pick up after yourself, especially those who pick up after everyone - you are the reason why exists; in the spirit of enjoying hot springs through preservation, conservation and education.
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