Bonneville Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited


What a trip! I feel a little sad that is has been 4 years since I've been back here to qualify for a soak. The campground is still closed and gated, but there was a sign posted on the gate stating that it would open on April 15th... hmmm today is the 20th. My best guess is that it will take the snow another couple weeks to melt, plus time for the forest service crews to come in and prep the grounds - so the campground should be open in May sometime.

It was a very scenic hike through the snow while basking in the warm glow of the sun. Spring is just beginning here. We passed a friendly guy on the hike to the hot springs. He opted to not soak, citing large amounts of silt as the reason. Our soaking party discovered quite the opposite. The soak shack, mega-pool and waterfall pool were all in great soaking condition. There was silt in the mega-pool, but there was also a good sized silt-free zone - optimal for soaking.

This is the best time of the year to visit Bonneville. Warmer months bring in a steady stream of campers, and by the end of the summer expect ORVs and other vehicle traffic to kick up enough dust to coat the inside of your tent or camping device. During the core of winter Bonneville sees a steady stream of Nordic and snowshoe recreational enthusiasts. It is only during this time of the year, while the snow is melting and the ground features a smattering of bare spots, can you soak in solitude and truly enjoy this hot springs haven.

We did just that.
Rating: A


Sheade said...

We were up there last weekend and both pools have now been washed out by the river. Any previous problems with silt are gone, washed away as the river and runoff raged through the pools. After the water goes down I am sure someone will rebuild the pools but until then all that is available is the bath shack.

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