Mile Marker 4 Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited


Always a beautiful hike

Not much new to report besides stellar soaking in the sun and snow. The path up the hill to the hot springs was a bit muddy in places; even though it may be wet please stay on the main path as to minimize erosion.

New spout on the main feed into the party pool

The hot and cold water plumbing has been tweaked some since my last soak, and the top pool is now in great shape - all 3 pools in fact are in prime soaking condition. Please make sure to pick up all of your trash when visiting this hot springs; keeping this place clean means it will be around for future hot springers.
Rating: A+

Uppermost pool - #3 back in action

Mile Marker 4 briefings, pictures and more


Mary said...

Hello HSG,
I have heard some disturbing news! Is it true that the Mile marker 4 hotsprings was blown up? :(
Would love to get some clarification on this....

Thanks, May

HSG said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the comment. Yikes! I hope your source is wrong!

I have not heard that, but am thinking it would be a good time to go check on Skinny.

Hope the FS isn't behind this. The loss of Rocky and Vulcan were brutal enough.

Thanks for the update. Please comment again if you hear anything.


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