Protect Roadless Forests (note: many hot springs are in roadless areas)

Greetings Everyone,

The the management of public roadless forests represents one of the most important issues facing our environment today. This effects all kinds of outdoor recreation enthusiasts, including: fishers, hunters, backpackers and campers. There will be a dramatic reduction of roadless land if we let the 2005 Roadless Rule remain in place.

The old rule was the MOST SUPPORTED set of federal laws EVER enacted until the Bush Administration quietly, without a public vote, repealed and replaced the 2001 version with the 2005 version.

The is our last chance - the last 2% of land nationwide is roadless, and right now it's on the chopping block.

Protect the remaining roadless land by signing the Citizen's Petition to Protect Roadless Areas!

Learn More and Take Additional Action!

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