Man Drowns at Juntura Hot Springs in Oregon

Sad news to report about Juntura Hot Springs:

On Sunday, January 15, 22 year old Aaron Carney drowned in Juntura Hot Springs, he was on a soak trip with his dad. The news surrounding the unfortunate incident provides very little details aside from how alcohol may be involved and that the man drowned while his dad was changing after soaking for a few hours.
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Juntura is known for being a 'hot' hot spring. Even with buckets of cold river water on hand, summertime soakers find it hard to withstand the hot water for longer than a few minutes. During the winter the cold weather tempers the temperature somewhat, bringing the heat down from above 110° to approx. 105°.

What I don't understand about the story was where did the dad go to change? His choices would have been either near the pool (flat visible land) or off the island near the parking area on the other side of the river. I really doubt that during frigid winter temperatures and with no one else at the springs he walked all the way over to the latter choice.

About Juntura Hot Springs
Juntura Hot Springs is located between Burns and Vale, Oregon - just a few miles from the town of Juntura. The hot springs pool is actually located on an island in the Malheur River.
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