Juntura Hot Springs in Oregon Revisited!

Juntura Hot Springs

It has been too long since my last visit to this stellar soak. Albeit; the road (once off the hwy) was pretty icy with a couple inches of snow to boot, and the drive out of the area was somewhat sketchy in a few spots due to rapid snowfall and temps below freezing.

Near Mile Marker 207 on Highway 20 (between Vale and Juntura) is where the shoe tree stands

I would not recommend driving across the semi-frozen river to access the hot springs island - while most of the path was frozen there were wet spots where the ice was broken that clearly revealed water beneath. See picture >

Excellent soaking temperatures

The soaking was awesome! The cold weather has most definitely tempered the usually toasty water; I got consistent 105° readings from different places in the pool. The worst thing about the whole trip (besides all the frozen trash to pick up) was getting out. While we were in the pool ice would form on hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and even skin exposed in the direction of the wind. Soaking in the snow was awesome, but the downside was that it covered everything... no big deal - just made life a little cooler.

Rating: A


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