Happy Holidays!

Season's Greeting Soakers

Well, another year has just about come and gone. Many soaks were had, new friends were made and much was learned about hot springs and the environment.

I think the worst thing that happened (to the environment) this year was the implementation of a new Roadless Rule in May. Read more here >

This new rule has dramatically altered management of roadless areas nationwide. With the new Roadless Rule, the best hope for protection lies within the hands of state governors via non-binding petition-based processes. There is some hope as many conservation and environmental organizations are calling for a rollback to the widely supported 2001 Roadless Rule.

The most positive event, or should I say multiple events, are all related to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Despite dirty tactics, like adding ANWR drilling provisions to budget and defense bills, the wildlife refuge is safe - for now. This was one of the rare times Republicans took a stand against the Bush Administration's destructive policies during a year when drilling seemed imminent.

My best to all of you who tirelessly pick up others trash with a smile on your face.

Happy Holidays!

Juntura Hot Springs in Oregon Revisited!

Juntura Hot Springs

It has been too long since my last visit to this stellar soak. Albeit; the road (once off the hwy) was pretty icy with a couple inches of snow to boot, and the drive out of the area was somewhat sketchy in a few spots due to rapid snowfall and temps below freezing.

Near Mile Marker 207 on Highway 20 (between Vale and Juntura) is where the shoe tree stands

I would not recommend driving across the semi-frozen river to access the hot springs island - while most of the path was frozen there were wet spots where the ice was broken that clearly revealed water beneath. See picture >

Excellent soaking temperatures

The soaking was awesome! The cold weather has most definitely tempered the usually toasty water; I got consistent 105° readings from different places in the pool. The worst thing about the whole trip (besides all the frozen trash to pick up) was getting out. While we were in the pool ice would form on hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and even skin exposed in the direction of the wind. Soaking in the snow was awesome, but the downside was that it covered everything... no big deal - just made life a little cooler.

Rating: A

Western Oregon Residents - BLM Revises Resource Management Plans

Western Oregon residents; here's your chance to become involved in public lands management...

The Bureau of Land Management is revising the six western Oregon Resource Management Plans tiered to the Northwest Forest Plan. The revised plans (to be completed in 2008) will address public lands and resources managed by the Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Medford, and Coos Bay Districts and the Klamath Falls Resource Area of the Lakeview District . The planning area includes approximately 2,550,000 acres of public lands. More>

New Map of Commercial Hot Springs in Idaho Up (Statewide)

A new interactive map, featuring the entire state of Idaho, has just been implemented in the Idaho commercial hot springs area. This map contains all of the commercial hot springs in Idaho. Click here or on the picture below to view the state map.

Interactive Maps of Commercial Hot Springs in Idaho Added

Interactive maps of commercial hot springs in Idaho have just been posted to the site. They feature pan, zoom and related establishment information.

Screen Capture

Overview of Taiwan Hot Springs


Map of Hot Springs in Taiwan

Click on the map above or here to begin the Taiwan Hot Springs Tour

Winter Tools Available on IdahoHotSprings.com

Check out Nationwide winter weather alerts, watches and warnings - as it happens via interactive map!

Screen Capture of the Weather Alert Map

Stop the Biggest Corporate Land Grab in U.S. History

Originally Posted 11.05.05 - Updated 12.02.05

The House of Representatives has passed "mining" language that, if it becomes law, would put hundreds of millions of acres of public lands up for sale. One possible result: the mass exclusion of the public from lands the public now owns -- lands that hosted over 200 million visitors in 2004 for hiking, fishing, hunting, backpacking, birdwatching....

With your help, the Senate can stop this. The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (HR4241, aka the budget reconciliation bill) passed the House, but the Senate version does NOT contain the mining language. The differences between the House and Senate versions now have to be reconciled in a conference committee.

Please tell your Senator to tell the Senate conferees on the Budget bill to strip the mining subtitle, and oppose the budget reconciliation bill if it contains the mining language by CLICKING HERE!

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