Trail Creek Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited - 8 New Pictures!


Sunrise at Trail Creek

It was a slow drive in thanks to thick fog and semi-slick roads, but well worth it. The Warm Lake Highway was in pretty good shape save for a few sections of road coated in crusty snow and slick ice. After parking, we slid down the icy path from the pullout to the hot springs - I nearly forgot to stop before the creek because of what caught my eye.

Pool #1 - Upgraded!

The old rock pool (#1) had been upgraded... it is now much larger; width and pool depth have substantially increased along with the water temperature. Cold water intake and outtake valves and plumbing allow for a controllable, variable soaking temperature much like the design of the 2nd pool.

Getting ready for a sweet soak

Both pools were HOT upon arrival, between 114º and 116º respectively. We adjusted a couple valves and eventually tempered the tepid water to a perfect 104º. After that it was relax time. The only trash found was someone's discarded thermal top.
Rating A+

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