Pine Burl and Fire Crew Hot Springs Revisited

Pine Burl Hot Springs in Idaho

Much better than last time...

What a great time of the year for a hike and a soak. Pine Burl proved to be in excellent shape, a large improvement over the last time I was here. Even better - no trash was found! Wow! Another plus was that the silt levels are way down as well. However, I attribute this to usage - the last time I visited I was probably one of the first to see the hot springs after it sat un-used all winter. The temps. were great, my thermometer was detecting near optimal soaking temps. around 103ยบ - my body was able to confirm (: Good job everyone! This place, despite moderate use, has been taken good care of.
Rating: A

How sweet it is

Fire Crew Hot Springs in Idaho

Light foam, algae and silt

This was the first time I've ever been to Fire Crew with no one around! It was great despite that the soaking wasn't. The pools were either too cold and/or filled with goobers like stagnant water foam, algae and silt. It was a nice day, there was plenty of trash and land abuse evidence though. At least the trash level has gone down somewhat. If you visit this area please take some extra time to pick up some trash and if you must ORV please stay in designated areas.
Rating: D

Looking downstream


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