Choose Your Gas Provider Wisely *UPDATED*

[originally posted August 2005]

Purchasing your gas from companies that don't import oil from the Mid East will lower the overall cost of gas - only if done in large numbers!

Companies that import Middle Eastern oil:

Shell............ 205,742,000 barrels
Chevron/Texaco......... 144,332,000 barrels
Exxon/Mobil............... 130,082,000 barrels
Marathon/Speedway... 117,740,000 barrels
Amoco............................62,231,000 barrels

Companies that don't:

Citgo.......................0 barrels
Sunoco...................0 barrels
Conoco...................0 barrels
Sinclair.................0 barrels
BP/Phillips...............0 barrels
Hess................0 barrels
ARC0......................0 barrels

(information from the Dept. of Energy)

If you live in Boise; your best bet is 7-Eleven, Stinker & Smokin Hot Deals gas stations - they server up Citgo and Sinclair gas.

Enough is Enough Idaho - Bad Representation in Need of Correction

Once again, 2 animal fighting bills fail in Idaho; HB 232 and 233, felony cockfighting and dog-fighting bills. Making Idaho the only other state besides Wyoming where dog fighting is not a felony. The bills had the support of the small faction of Idaho Democrats, but did not have a single Republican supporter.

The failure of our Representatives to support the two bills is immense because of the deeply rooted moral and economic implications. Our representation has already made us look bad consistently in the past. Evidence of such humane failures have even been published by the Humane Society; where Idaho scored a whopping '0' on their annual Humane Scorecard.

It's time to let Idaho legislation know how disappointed you are that these important humane bills did not pass:

Click Here to Send an Electronic Letter!

Trail Creek Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited - 8 New Pictures!


Sunrise at Trail Creek

It was a slow drive in thanks to thick fog and semi-slick roads, but well worth it. The Warm Lake Highway was in pretty good shape save for a few sections of road coated in crusty snow and slick ice. After parking, we slid down the icy path from the pullout to the hot springs - I nearly forgot to stop before the creek because of what caught my eye.

Pool #1 - Upgraded!

The old rock pool (#1) had been upgraded... it is now much larger; width and pool depth have substantially increased along with the water temperature. Cold water intake and outtake valves and plumbing allow for a controllable, variable soaking temperature much like the design of the 2nd pool.

Getting ready for a sweet soak

Both pools were HOT upon arrival, between 114º and 116º respectively. We adjusted a couple valves and eventually tempered the tepid water to a perfect 104º. After that it was relax time. The only trash found was someone's discarded thermal top.
Rating A+

Click here or on any of the pictures above to view the other 5 pictures and the complete listing for Trail Creek Hot Springs in Idaho

Time to Take Action!

The Latest Action Alerts!

Idaho roadless areas at risk: Learn more and take action!

Roadless Wilderness in Idaho at Risk

Exxpose Exxon again by writing a letter to the Editor of your local paper: Click here to get started!

Ask your Senators to support Endangered Species Day Resolution: Take action! Send a letter or make a call here!

Save America's Dogs and Birds from Blood Sports: Stop these barbaric sports! Which are all LEGAL in Idaho!

Utah's Redrock Wilderness is in Danger: Send a letter to save this endangered Wilderness!

Tired of high gas prices? Take action: Demand better fuel economy standards!

Thank the courageous representatives that forced the House to drop Arctic Drilling: Send a letter now!

Happy Winter Soaking! -HSG

Pine Burl and Fire Crew Hot Springs Revisited

Pine Burl Hot Springs in Idaho

Much better than last time...

What a great time of the year for a hike and a soak. Pine Burl proved to be in excellent shape, a large improvement over the last time I was here. Even better - no trash was found! Wow! Another plus was that the silt levels are way down as well. However, I attribute this to usage - the last time I visited I was probably one of the first to see the hot springs after it sat un-used all winter. The temps. were great, my thermometer was detecting near optimal soaking temps. around 103º - my body was able to confirm (: Good job everyone! This place, despite moderate use, has been taken good care of.
Rating: A

How sweet it is

Fire Crew Hot Springs in Idaho

Light foam, algae and silt

This was the first time I've ever been to Fire Crew with no one around! It was great despite that the soaking wasn't. The pools were either too cold and/or filled with goobers like stagnant water foam, algae and silt. It was a nice day, there was plenty of trash and land abuse evidence though. At least the trash level has gone down somewhat. If you visit this area please take some extra time to pick up some trash and if you must ORV please stay in designated areas.
Rating: D

Looking downstream

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Safe - Huge Victory!

The House dropped the ANWR off the budget bill thanks to intense pressure from 22 Republican Congressmen, every single Democrat Congressmen and millions of pro-environment activists!

While this victory is HUGE - we need to maintain our guard over the ANWR. There are Senate and House members already trying to find another way in.

Happy Soaking & Best Wishes -Josh (HSG)

Last Chance for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Drilling in the Arctic Refuge would despoil this last great wilderness for a uncertain amount of oil -- in fact, the U.S. Department of Energy recently estimated that if we drilled for oil in the Refuge tomorrow, it would lower gas prices by merely a penny per gallon...but not for 20 years. And drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would not put a dent in our dependence on foreign oil or strengthen our national security. But the harm to wildlife and this spectacular wilderness would be permanent and irreparable.

We're now at the 11th hour -- this week could be your last chance to protect one of America's treasures -- the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! The House is expected to vote as early as this Thursday on a bill that would allow drilling in the long-protected Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as well as revoke the 24-year old moratorium on offshore drilling.

To date, the Sierra Club has received over 50,000 signatures on the petition to protect the Arctic Refuge and with this critical vote in mind; the goal is to reach 100,000 signatures by Wednesday night. Once the goal has been reached the 100,000 signatures will be delivered to Capitol Hill and a clear message will be sent to Congress to oppose Arctic drilling. Your action is urgently needed to help meet this goal of 100,000 signatures and protect the Arctic Refuge -- please take a minute to add your name to the petition and encourage your friends and family to do the same!

Moondipper Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited


Sun Rays Light the Way

The brisk 2 mile, early morning hike-in was filled with beautiful views of the crisp forest waking up to the sun. The trail was in pretty good condition save for a couple un-marked intersections; which you'll soon enough figure lead to the low-water trail which means many river fords. So my advice: always take the high route.

Very Nice

Moondipper had much less silt than when I was here last, probably due to summer usage - last time I was one of the first spring visitors. Not bad for a soak all in all - but why not wander less than a quarter mile further up a faint path to Pine Burl; which is a much nicer soak.
Rating: B-

Boiling Springs Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited


Boiling Springs Cabins

The 2 pools near the source were very hot and featured an abundance of silt and algae. The pools near the point where the hot creek (source outflow) meets the river were way too cool. The hearty amount of steam pumping out of the source made for picturesque views of the crisp valley as the sun rose above the mountains in the early morning (see above).
Rating: C+

Overhead shot of the pools near the cabin

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Votes Loom

As early as this afternoon, the Senate will begin a series of critical votes on a "budget reconciliation" bill that includes provisions to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling. Unlike other pieces of legislation, the budget bill cannot be filibustered, so the only way your senators can protect the Arctic Refuge from drilling is by voting against the entire budget reconciliation bill.

Should we drill into the nation's largest wildlife refuge for energy savings equal to about 1 cent? It seems like a 'no-brainer' to me. Especially during a time when Exxon/Mobil is posting -yet again- record profits.

The ANWR is currently threatened by politicians that are trying to use the federal budget in an effort to open the wildlife refuge for development -all because they do not have enough votes to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge through a normal process. Don't let them bypass protocol and the public... there is little time left - Now is the time to act!

Below are 5 quick and easy ways in which you can take action:

1. Click here to send your Senators a message opposing arctic drilling

2. Sign the Sierra Club's petition against arctic and coastal drilling

3. Join's campaign and send a message to congress

4. Tell your Senators to keep oil rigs out of the Arctic Refuge

5. Read about NDRC's campaign to save the ANWR

Thank you for your stewardship of the environment -happy soaking,


The Hot Springs Guy Featured in Thrive Weekly

Thrive Weekly is currently running an Active Profile on the Hot Springs Guy (*ahem* - that would be me). Pretty cool stuff!

The Bloke Who Loves to Soak

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Thrive Weekly Active Profile (web version):

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