National Parks for Sale! What the...

House Resources Chairman Richard Pombo is at it again...

He is trying to use the threat of selling 15 National Parks in order to influence oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) (1).

This is the same guy who is currently trying to get rid of the Endangered Species Act!

This guy has a lot of money and power; oil and gas were the #1 industry contributor to Pombo's 2004 campaign, to the tune of $85,693 (2). He also has Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay backing him up, for example:

"I know that Chairman Pombo is committed to ensuring any final bill that reaches the floor has an ANWR provision ... I wholeheartedly supported his efforts in the past and will do so again this year." (3)

In his career, DeLay has received more money from the oil and gas industry than any other industry, totaling $589,900. (4)

Thanks to aggressive corporate lobbying, the false choice between selling our national parks and spoiling the Arctic Refuge is what passes for energy policy in some Washington circles these days.

Instead of fighting for hard-working Americans who need relief at the pump, Mr. Pombo and his allies are fighting to help Exxon get its hands on public resources -- pristine lands that you and I own -- so the mammoth corporation can boost its massive profits by a few million more.

That's not a national energy policy. That's a joke. So, why aren't our leaders fighting for real energy solutions, like improved gas mileage, that will actually lower gas expenses for our families, while protecting our air, land, water and wildlife?

Ask them yourself. Call your senators and representatives:

Let them know Pombo's deceptive tactics aren't working!



Anonymous said...

support pombo's progressive opponent -

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