Molly's Tubs & Vulcan Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited

Vulcan Hot Springs 10.01.05

Hot Dam!

Very nice indeed. Instead of 2 or 3 smaller soaking opportunities that often yielded mixed results we discovered that there is now 1, and it delivers! The large, log-dammed pool was a perfect 103°; excellent for toasty prolonged soaking. On our way in we passed a couple and their dogs (running wild off-leash) and a group of 3 on a 4-wheeler that just barley fit on the trail - all on their way back out. Everyone was cordial, and we found out that they were the ones camping near the trailhead. I was primarily stoked that we were able to enjoy Vulcan properly before the late afternoon storm picked up steam and chased us off.
Rating A+

Molly's Tubs Hot Springs 10.01.05

Hotpotting Couple Bart & Elayne @ the 'Tubs'

Molly's Tubs are looking quite good these days; the condition of the tubs have improved since my last visit. For some reason, despite all of the other nearby soaking ops, Molly's Tubs remains one of the most popular soaks in the area. There were two ladies and one of their children enjoying a couple hot tubs upon our arrival. This place is usually jam-packed with high-end SUVs, cars etc. I think it's become somewhat 'trendy' to soak in the tubs of late.
Rating: B


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