Kirkham Hot Springs Scalping Incident - Sentencing Update!

Originally posted 02.09.05, updated 03.28.05, 07.15.05, 07.18.05, 10.15.05 and last updated 10.16.05.

Marianne Dahle was sentenced for up to 10 years for the scalping that took place at Kirkham Hot Springs; which means she's up for parole in 4. Seems kinda weak considering she ruined the girl's life - let alone nearly killed her.

Check out the links below to read the details - interesting to see it show up in the LA Times:

> Los Angeles Times ( Article

> Article

07.18.05 Update

Marianne Dahle (July, 2005)

Marianne Dahle, 26, of Caldwell, pleaded guilty to aggravated battery before 4th District Judge Kathryn Sticklen on Wednesday, the day her trial was to begin. Dahle could face up to 15 years in prison.

It should be noted that this is a reversal of her initial claim.

Prosecutors said Dahle tied up a 15-year-old Nampa girl — who has been identified publicly only by the first name of Sheila — on Jan. 18 and used a 4-inch knife to cut away the entire crown and back portion of her scalp. The attack happened at Kirkham Hot Springs, 70 miles northeast of Boise, where Dahle had invited Sheila and a 16-year-old female acquaintance to soak in the pools of warm water and party.

Investigators said they believe Dahle and Sheila were part of a clique of young female "punkers" who wore mohawk haircuts. Police say according to the group's creed, if a member disrespected women, they were not allowed to wear a mohawk. They believe Dahle scalped Sheila in retaliation for actions the younger girl had made that Dahle perceived as offensive to their gender (Fox News, 07.2005).

Allegidly; the 'offensive' action towards their gender was sleeping with a man. This isn't official, but you can read about it here.

Marianne Dahle (March, 2005)

Check out the article links below to read more about the lesbian-gang/clique related scalping that took place at Kirkham Hot Springs near Lowman, Idaho on January 18th, 2005. This story (unfortunately) made nationwide news in early February 2005.

Updated Links

07.16.05: The Times-Online: Twin Falls, ID
Mom of Scalped Teen Hopes Attacker Gets Maximum Sentence

07.15.05: Standard-Examiner
Mother of Scalping Victim Urges Tough Sentence

07.15.05: KTVB
Mom Says Scalped Teen Relieved by Plea
(requires login to read)

07.14.05: Fox News
Idaho Woman Pleads Guilty to Scalping Teen
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04.12.05: KPVI/DT
Kirkham Hot Springs Scalping Update

03.05.05: Associated Press
Suspect in Teen's Scalping Surrenders

02.10.05: Mac-a-ro-nies
Dominatrix Dahle Leads this weeks 'News of the Weird'

02.09.05: Fox News
Scalping Suspect Surrenders to Police
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02.08.05: Fox News
Cops: Woman Scalped After Slight
(printable version)

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