48 Hour Action Alert - The Fate of Our Clean Air will be Decided in 48 Hours!

Important Update from SaveOurEnvironment.org

Last month Hurricane Katrina ripped through Louisiana and Mississippi, killing hundreds of Americans and destroying thousands of homes and lives. This devastating natural disaster also exposed a serious underlying problem -- America is far too dependent on oil. As the cost of fuel continues to skyrocket, some members of Congress have exploited this tragedy by compiling an oil industry wish-list of environmental rollbacks and calling it an emergency energy bill.

But this bill would do nothing to solve our energy problems or help consumers cope with rising energy costs. The House of Representatives will vote on this "No Relief" bill in just 48 hours. Please don't wait- click here to send a free message to your Representative urging him or her to reject this bill!

In a time of crisis, American families should be protected, not exploited and exposed to further risks. This bill uses the recent natural disasters as a pretext to advance a longstanding industry agenda to roll back key Clean Air Act protections.

The consequences would be devastating in communities across the country: more asthma attacks, more heart attacks, and other serious health problems from millions of additional tons of air pollution. The bill also contains new handouts to the oil industry, even as oil companies are reporting record profits, and it actually weakens enforcement provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Act by limiting penalties for price gouging.

We have no time to spare - this bill will be voted on in the house this Friday, October 7! Please click here now to send your message to your Representative today.

Fight for the Endangered Species Act with the Sierra Club

Congressman Pombo has recently tried to spin his efforts as ones to improve the Endangered Species Act. However, a close look at Congressman Pombo's legislation shows that his bill would turn back over 30 years of successful stewardship efforts and cripple the ability of Americans to safeguard the nation's fish, wildlife and special places. It is our responsibility to leave for future generations a natural heritage richer than the one we have enjoyed. Congressman Pombo's bill would rob American children of their birthright of abundant fish and wildlife populations. The Senate is poised to take up similar legislation in the coming months. Please oppose this harmful legislation and work to protect all of America's fish and wildlife.

Take Even More Action with the Sierra Club Against the Pombo Extinction Bill


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