US Horses Saved from Slaughter for Foreign Consumption, No Thanks to Idaho Senators

The Senate voted on September 20th, 2005 to pass the Ensign-Byrd Amendment to the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Bill effectively banning the slaughter of horses for fiscal year 2006!

This is indeed a great victory for horses that are sold for slaughter for Asian consumption.

Unfortunately; both of Idaho Senators opposed the Ensign-Byrd Amendment.

Here's your chance to find out why Mike Crapo and Larry Craig are for slaughtering horses (including Idaho's wild horses) for consumption in Asia.

Please use the info. below to contact Idaho's Senators:

Michael 'Mike' D. Crapo - (202) 224-6142
Larry E. Craig - (202) 224-2752

As an Idaho resident I find myself continually outraged by the actions of our representation. In fact, most of us live in Idaho because of the beautiful public and protected wilderness lands that exist here. It sickens me that time and time again our land, animals and rights are constantly being undermined by the politicians we selected to protect such things.

Don't be shy, give these guys a call. They're politicians; if enough people make noise they will alter their stance out of fear of losing the voting support of the public.

Happy Soaking!


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