Urge Your Senator to Vote YES on the Ensign-Byrd Amendment to End Horse Slaughter!

I thought you might be interested in this HSUS and ASPCA campaign to protect horses from slaughter. We don't eat horsemeat here, but tens of thousands of American horses are shipped under inhumane conditions and suffer a terrible fate at one of three foreign-owned slaughterhouses in the U.S. Former show horses, thoroughbreds, ponies, foals, wild horses, pregnant mares from the Premarin industry, and any other kind of horse you can imagine, are put through this brutal process all so that their meat can be shipped overseas to foreign markets for diners in Europe and Asia.

This isn't how we want our horses treated and now we have a chance to stop it. We expect a vote to happen in the Senate early this week that could ban this terrible practice. Please ask your two U.S. Senators to support the Ensign-Byrd Agriculture Appropriations amendment to prevent tax dollars from being used to allow horse slaughter. The vote is coming quickly so please don't delay. Click here and take action now!

Contact your senator now to urge him or her to support the Ensign-Byrd Amendment to the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Bill, which would ensure that no federal tax dollars are used to slaughter horses! Click here to send an email and make a phone call today to tell your U.S. senator to vote YES on the Ensign-Byrd Amendment!

Idaho Senator Information:

Michael 'Mike' D. Crapo - (202) 224-6142
Larry E. Craig - (202) 224-2752


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