Skinnydipper (MM4) Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited


Great soaking at Skinny this morning; the top pool is still out of commission but the lower, other 2 are in good shape despite some broken plumbing. Almost no trash save for a ton of cig butts the last couple visits, at least it's improving! My trash loads are getting smaller and smaller every time I visit. There's talk of organizing a volunteer day coming up; the path needs some work as do the pools. I'll post more to the blog as info. becomes available.

There was a single guy soaking in the party pool upon our early arrival. After about an hour or so a couple, their friend and 2 dogs came up. Everyone seemed pretty friendly. Luckily we like dogs, because theirs ran up and jumped right into the pool and ran wild. This is somewhat of a sore spot with me, especially being a dog owner myself. I just don't understand why people can't leash their dogs... it's really as simple as that. If your dog fights, leave him/her in the vehicle or at home, if they can't stay close and obey commands do the same. The rare times I take my dogs to hot springs they are on leash, and I don't take them to popular hot springs.
Rating: A


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