Skinnydipper Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited


I wasn't sure what to expect after receiving multiple reports this summer describing vandalism, pool and pipe destruction and some other items too gross to mention. We (myself and hot springing partner Andrew Nelson of National Geographic Traveler) arrived mid-day to a shockingly near-empty parking area. Keeper Matt was on-hand, and told me that he's been carting trash, broken pipe and more out the last 3 days. He also mentioned that just the other night 3 vehicles got their windows busted out. Despite all of the carnage the place looked great, and you can thank the Keepers for that.

Matt, Harley and Ken are the main Keepers or 'Friends of Skinnydipper' that I know about. I am a Keeper as well, but don't frequent Skinny nearly as often as the others. It should be known that we are in search of additional Keepers - Skinnydipper needs some help and stewardship. If you are interested, talk to one of the Keepers or myself. Your best bet to catch a Keeper is to visit mid-morning on the weekend or contact me.

The soft, hot water felt oh soooo great! Matt had been hard at work jury-rigging the damaged plumbing a week or so ago and had just gotten things up and running shortly before we arrived. He mentioned that the pipes are just barley holding together, and that any messing with them wouldn't be good. There's really no need to mess with the pipes anyway - each pool has a hot and cold water inflow pipe that is adjustable. There is no reason to climb up to the top and make adjustments there.

I was glad to see that Andrew really enjoyed the whole hot springs experience. The biggest downer I felt was the large heart graffiti above the second pool from the bottom.
Rating: A


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