New Wilderness Vagabond Trip Report - Salmon Sojourn

The Vagabond is at it again!

The Salmon Sojourn trip report is about the two months Rob and Kathleen volunteered for the FS at the Little Creek Guard Station on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River (near river mile 35) in Idaho.

This very large trip report is chalk full of vital information for anyone interested in our public lands and is also sprinkled with interrelated, thought provoking quotes and scenic pictures.

Read the Salmon Sojourn!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to our (noncommercial) Wilderness Vagabond site. We greatly enjoyed our time in the Middle Fork Salmon country, the Frank Church. Bet there is never anything of such wondrous stature commemerating bushco, except perhaps the site of a giant oil spill or an area declared off-limits because of mercury poisoning... ;-0 rob

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