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Current Action Items:

Idaho Senator Larry Craig Serves on the Committee Responsible for Maintaining the Horse Slaughter Ban (slaughtering horses for foreign consumption)
Urge Larry Craig to Support the Ban Even Though He Opposed it to Begin With >

Pets Were Not Included in Katrina's Disaster Relief Plan Despite Protests to Bush Co
Ask Your Representative to Support the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Act to Include Pets and Service Animals in Disaster Evacuation Plans >

ExxonMobil is Funding Companies that Produce Disinformation to Confuse the Public About Global Warming
Tell ExxonMobil to Come Clean on Global Warming >

Cruel Japanese Dolphin Hunt Reaps Benefits for Few
Protect Japanese Dolphins from Inhumane Hunt >

Endangered Species Act in Danger from Wildlife Extinction Bill
Stop the Wildlife extinction Bill - The Endangered Species Act is at Stake >

Critical Vote for Wildlife Extinction Bill Approaching
Spur Your Representative to Action >

Protect Our Native Ecosystems from the Snakehead Fish - Destroyer of Fish & Aquatic Life
Urge Congress to Support the National Aquatic Invasive Species Act >

Visit NDRC & Take Even More Action
More Action Items >


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