New Addition & Large Update in Place!

New Addition to!
The IHS Hot Springs, Backpacking & Camping Guide is further reinforcing our firm belief of preservation through education. The IHS Guide is an ever-evolving project designed as a resource for hot springs, backpacking and camping. It pays special attention to Leave No Trace Principles and the utilization of Low Impact Techniques.

WebCam Area Updated!
The Live Idaho & Northwest WebCams area has been updated with a slightly modified design, old cams have been tested & updated, and new cams were added as well.

Support & Preservation Links Area Update!
New links were added and old links were updated in a very import section of the site. To those of us inclined to use the web as a tool; sign-up with the organizations listed in this area and through-them, your efforts combined with that of thousands of others make this one of our best chances to make a difference!


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