Mile-16 Hot Spring in Idaho Revisited


Excellent! What more could you ask for? I found out on this particular trip that the National Forest (Payette) cleans and cares for this hot springs on a regular basis. Please help do your part by not bringing in glass containers, refrain from using any kind of soap (including bio soap), pack out what you pack in and pick up any trash you see. The law in this neck of the woods are quite liberal and proud of it - expect a ticket if you are caught littering or doing worse.

Tarps, soap and bio soap do not break down completely in the wilderness. Instead, their remnants grow fungus that is foreign to this type of environment. This foreign fungus soon overtakes the natural fungus and hence dramatically effects the waterways, fish and animals that all depend on it. If you must use a tarp take care not to leave it behind. If you must use soap please use bio soap, but wash yourself at least over 150 yards away from any creeks, rivers, lakes or any other water sources or channels.
Rating A+


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