I Agree - "Keep the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) INTACT"

The majority of Idaho's republican politicians (current/most recent) feature an agenda that involves developing public land in favor of trophy-homes and/or business means. Of course, this enlightened thinking cleverly dodges important considerations relating to the land, locals and wildlife affected by politicans that champion such agendas.

Disinformation - this is what is used by some political leaders to trick the public into thinking they are acting for the greater good. Take the "healthy forests" load of crap utilized in the face of public fear and concern about increasing wildfires. My goodness; we better build roads into ancient old-growth forests and log those trees that have been a fire danger for the last 400 years.... oh please! -They think we'll believe anything! The real cause of the issue is never addressed (global warming/greenhouse effect); instead, band-aids are used that typically result in a greedy party profiting in some form or another while the environment suffers. They (the Bush Administration) are using fear to motivate the general public to accomplish their directives.

The republicans of the past were not like this, at least to a certain degree. They actually were dedicated to protecting the land. They took extra pains in order to complete protection of Idaho Senator Frank Church's most important work - the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. After Frank was hospitolized due to a pancreatic tumor Jan. 12th, 1984, Senator James McClure (R-Idaho) introduced legislation and President Reagan signed into law the renaming of the River of No Return Wilderness Area to the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area (BSU Source). Can you believe it, Idaho politicians actually taking steps to PROTECT public land instead of keeping it in limbo in case there needs to be some future logging or development.

About Frank Church
Early in his career Senator Church struck a balance between preservation and development of the nation's dwindling wilderness areas. His sponsorship and support of the Wild and Scenic Rivers and National Wilderness Acts helped ensure the preservation of the most beautiful regions in the nation. To honor his efforts, the River of No Return Wilderness Area in Idaho was re-named the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area (BSU Source).

Read about Bethanie, Frank, the Sawtooth Society & the SNRA >

Please read the article linked below; it is yet another example of how our elected officials are "selling us out" time and time again. Thanks goes out to David Kimpton, the writer of the article and a longtime resident, community volunteer and retired Sawtooth National Recreation Area Forest Service deputy area ranger. Our only chance is to educate eachother and stand together.

> Article Link: Keep the SNRA Intact

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