Rocky Canyon Hot Springs (ID) 'Swimmy Thingies' Update

A longtime Rocky Canyon hot springer emailed me regarding the 07.07.02 trip report; apparently, the 'swimmy thingies' are actually Idaho Spade Foot Toads.

-Thanks for the info. Shane!

Wild Horses Victory - no thanks to Idaho representative Mike Simpson

U.S. House of Representatives voted in a landslide -- 249-159 -- to ban the sale of wild horses for slaughter (as a food source for foreign consumption)! Sadly, Idaho's representative Mike Simpson was one of the few that voted against the ban. If you are curious about how other states voted or just want to view the official results please click on the link below.

View Vote Official Results >

Let Mike Simpson know how disappointed you are by contacting him through the capital switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Efforts for horses will now turn to the U.S. Senate, and the decisive margin of victory in the House will undoubtedly create momentum. If you would like to help protect wild horses and pass other animal protection laws, please visit the HSUS Fund for Animals.

Learn more about protections for America's wild horses >

Idaho is also one of the few states where animal fighting is not illegal. In fact, an opportunity was just passed upon that would have made it illegal. Here lies another opportunity; urge your representative to end animal fighting now by clicking on the link below.


Fresh Updates and Hot Springs Coming Soon!

Ahh yes - this weekend (starting in just a few minutes for yours truly) will bring forth some needed updates to as I will be out in the 'field' office in the Cascade, Idaho area. I'm anticipating have 1 to 2 BRAND NEW hot springs to add to the site after this trip along with a couple updates and new pictures from a couple old favorites.

Happy Soaking!

Kirkham Hot Springs in 1984


Kirkham Hot Springs as it was in 1984. Special thanks to Randy for the picture.

Hot Springs Campground in 1984

Hot Springs Campground as it was in 1984. Special thanks to Randy for the picture.

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