West Nile Virus - Coming to Idaho this Summer

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> KBCI-TV: West Nile Virus 'Very Likely' To Hit Idaho - Entomologists say mosquito larvae in Idaho may hatch earlier than expected this year

(R) Mike Simpson Turns Back on Landowners, Wildlife and Hot Springs Despite Better Alternative

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> Challis Messenger: Group Opposes Federal Land Transfer

Incident at Givens Hot Springs in SW Idaho

Originally posted 03.25.05. I came across an interesting google groups posting (which is also know as a newsgroup) concerning Givens Hot Springs; a commercial hot springs in SW Idaho near Melba. The quoted text from the posting is below, followed by a response I received via email from the lifeguard on-duty, requesting that both sides of the story be posted. Click here to view the complete thread.

Quoted text:

"On March 24th, my husband and I took my daughter and her girlfriend to Givens Hot Springs. The two girls, both 16, were swimming and occasionally exchanging a hug or brief kiss. After about 15 minutes, the owner screamed "Out of the pool! Right now!" As this was utterly without warning, my husband asked him what was wrong. He said that other customers were leaving because of the two girls kissing. I asked him why he didn't have a problem with the teenage boy and girl who had been making out in the pool since before we arrived, and he became belligerent and threatened to call the sheriff unless we left the premises immediately. He did not refund our money. We couldn't even change clothes, but had to drive home for an hour in our wet bathing suits.

What is so frightening about two teenagers kissing? Nothing, apparently, unless they are of the same sex. When different standards are applied in this manner, it's called discrimination. Discrimination seems to be what Steve Givens and Givens Hot Springs stand for. I urge my neighbors to consider this carefully when deciding whether to spend their time and money there."


Response from Lifeguard on-duty:

"My name is Teresa, I am the lifeguard that was on-duty March 24th. Sagittaria, her husband, and two 16-year-old girls arrived at 2 pm and paid to “Soak and Swim” (1 hour in hot tub rooms and swimming after). The tub rooms are private (enclosed rooms…solid wood door faces the pool). From 2:10 pm to 2:50 pm, Sagittaria and husband were in room 1, the girls in room 2. All 4 entered the pool at 2:50 pm, 15 minutes later (the one correct fact Sagittaria managed to post) I asked the owner Steve to escort the 4 of them out. Public displays of affection are not permitted at Given’s (and that IS posted on the rules) and generally the couple (heterosexual or otherwise) would be warned once and then asked to leave if it continued.

In this case, however, the husband (approximately 35 to 40 yrs of age) was seen by numerous witnesses kissing one of them. Customers reported it to me, I seen it, reported it to the owner (he had just arrived to work the next shift) and he asked them (Steve did not yell at anyone) to get out of the pool and go home. The husband tried yelling, shifting the blame onto another couple (minister and his wife….she was standing against his chest and he had his arms around her ….not a definition of “making out”) and finally told me he was going to report us to anyone who would listen. My reply was “Please do!”

The 4 received the services they paid for, therefore no refund was offered, nor did they ask for one. They were asked to leave without changing when the husband became obnoxious and belligerent. They were informed to used the restrooms outside the pool to change if they wished.

Personally and professionally I am deeply offended by any adult taking advantage of a minor, as were a number of the customers that day.
You asked: “What is so frightening about two teenagers kissing?”
My reply: Absolutely nothing.
My question to you: What is so frightening about a middle age adult male kissing a 16 year old teen-ager? Correct Answer: Everything!!!!"

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