Mile-16 Hot Spring in Idaho Revisited


Mile-16 Hot Spring

What more good can I say about this hot springs? It's always awesome and hot! I should mention that it was a dangerous drive in, one that I really didn't need to risk, but once I was in the middle of it I had no choice but to keep on plugging through, see 03.27.05 Trail Creek for more travel details. Always bring chains!
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Trail Creek Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited

Trail Creek Hot Springs - Pool #2

Whew! The highest point on the Warm Lake Highway between Cascade and Trail Creek nearly did us in! There was roughly 30 miles of so of snow covered road with at least 6in on the ground and counting - no plows either thanks to it being Easter today. This was also one of the few times I neglected to bring tire chains. Obviously, we made it through, but it was a bit sketchy. Once in the pullout, we literally slid down the hill to the hot springs. The 1st pool we came across was in disrepair; the water cold, walls leaky and goobers aplenty. The 2nd, larger pool was also in disrepair. It was only half full of approximately 95ยบ water with all of the intake/outtake pipes plugged. It seemed the mortar reinforced pool was leaking. I truly hope this is a result of it not being used for awhile and not the opposite as this hot springs sees more than its fair share of visitors. For the first time at Trail Creek a soak was not to be had.
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Hot Springs Ranch Near Clayton, Idaho: A Very Moving Story

Read about Grady Bradley's moving story that took place in 1974 on a hot springs ranch in Meyers Cove near Clayton, Idaho.
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Kirkham Hot Springs Scalping Incident - Updated Info./Link

Originally posted 02.09.05. Check out the article links below to read about the lesbian-gang/clique related scalping that took place at Kirkham Hot Springs near Lowman, Idaho on January 18th, 2005. This story made nationwide news in early February 2005.
> Associated Press: Suspect in Teen's Scalping Surrenders
> Mac-a-ro-nies: Dominatrix Dahle Leads this weeks 'News of the Weird'
> Police: Idaho Teen is Tied Up and Scalped (link expired)
> Seattle Post: Police: Idaho Teen is Tied Up and Scalped (link expired)
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Willow Creek Hot Spring in Oregon Revisited


Willow Creek Hot Spring

Excellent! Our Monday all-day-long visit to Willow Creek was a great example of what hot springing is all about. When we arrived early in the am two fishermen were enjoying their last soak before heading into Idaho for some good fishing at Mann Lake. One of the fishermen was a friendly fella from San Francisco, making his way through the desert and forest via bright yellow Volkswagen van. The soaking was awesome, however the rocks in the pool were slick which resulted in a couple minor injuries that occurred while entering and exiting the pool. I wasn't happy to notice an increase in trash despite how light it was. Other than the trash increase, it looks like this area isn't suffering from additional usage related abuse.
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