Skinnydipper (MM4) Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited


Skinnydipper (Mile Marker 4) Hot Springs

Our party of 4 was the first to arrive at the hot springs at 6:30am on this Sunday morning. The most noted improvement this trip proved to be the reworked trail up to the hot springs, it looks like the keepers have been hard at work.... great job to all involved! After about 30min of enjoying the complex ourselves a steady stream of visitors began to arrive. It's tough to beat watching the sun rise while soaking in Skinnydipper bright and early in the morning.
Rating A+

Pine Flats Hot Springs in Idaho Revisited


What an incredible day-trip! On our way to the hot springs we must have passed at least 500 Elk! At times I had to stop the truck because of all of the herds running wild, weaving back and forth across the highway! And, as soon as we climbed in the hot springs around the bend it began to dump snow! To top it off 3 deer came upon us and gazed for a bit before departing. The only beef I had was that the hot springs were a bit on the cool side. There were times when a surge of hot would hit, but sadly the occurrences were too few and far between.
Rating A-

Scalping at Kirkham Hot Springs

That's right, I said SCALPING. This is the real deal, unfortunately. Such an act at such a sacred place is so disgraceful.

Check out the article links below to read about the scalping that took place at Kirkham Hot Springs near Lowman, Idaho on January 18th, 2005.
> Police: Idaho Teen is Tied Up and Scalped
> Seattle Post: Police: Idaho Teen is Tied Up and Scalped

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