Website Update in Place

Plenty of small and medium sized updates have been implemented recently. Most notable is the Commercial Idaho Hot Springs area.

Magic Hot Springs For Sale in Idaho

Magic Hot Springs in Twin Falls County, Idaho is being sold by the nonprofit agency that owns it. Click on the link above to view the website to learn more.

Non-Commercial Days Over for Scenic Hot Springs in Washington

According to an avid Scenic Hot Springer as of 11.09.04 the turnoff towards Scenic Hot Springs off I-2 is now gated with a very large "NO TRESPASSING - MUST BE EXPLICITLY INVITED" sign. It looks like Scenic's new owners are finally setting up shop. So long old friend, many will miss you.

New Evie Litton Hot Springs Guide Book!

The 4th Edition of Evie’s book “Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest” is due out December of this year. She’s packed a total of 140 hot springs and 90 hikes into her new northwest hot springs guide book. Use the link below to learn more about her upcoming book and/or to pre-order the book.

Cool, Fun & Useful (Really!) Downloads

I have added a new 'Downloads' area to the website of recent. Expect to see more in this area in the future; such as a screen saver etc. Currently, the downloads consist of free software that everyone should have that help in keeping one relatively safe, private and secure online.

Mile 4 (Skinnydipper) in ID- More Bad News

Mile 4 (AKA Mile Marker 4 AKA Skinnydipper AKA Deer Creek) Hot Springs in Idaho is now apparently getting 'trashed' by unknown people late at night. This is just what this hot springs needs after seeing group fights, stabbings, vehicle vandalizing, nighttime closure, a death and more in 2004. Click on the links below to learn more.

New Hot Springs Reviews Posted

A few new hot springs have recently been reviewed along with new trip reports, traffic updates and pictures being added to existing hot springs listings. Click on the link above to view the 2004 listing.

Scenic Hot Springs in WA: Still Soakable

Controversial Scenic Hot Springs in Washington near Steven’s Pass currently has 1 pool which is available for soaking opportunities. The land owner apparently has no problems as long as the area and pool is well respected. Plans for commercialization are still in the works despite not meeting their goal of opening in September 04. Construction of the pools is currently tied up with plenty of red tape. It looks like us soakers will have one last time to enjoy Scenic before the commercialization transformation occurs. Special thanks to a friend of hot springs for the information.
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